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FATRA | Australia

Fatra began supplying PVC waterproofing systems and solutions in 2015 to both new build and refurbishment industries.

Fatra solely specialise in PVC waterproofing solutions and provide the most diverse range of membranes and ancillaries available on the market.

Fatra Australia are one the largest of most experienced PVC membrane suppliers both domestically and internationally built on a wealth of knowledge and expertise with a proven track record in all industries and sectors such as commercial, residential, industrial, education, transport, health and leisure projects.

FATRA | Global

Fatra was established in 1935 and began manufacturing PVC waterproofing membranes in 1939 making Fatra one of the worlds first PVC sheet membrane suppliers. In 2018, Fatra supplied over 15,000,000m2 of PVC waterproofing membranes to over 53 countries globally.

Fatra manufacture all our products out of 3 production plants in Central Europe enabling Fatra to maintain some of the highest standards in quality.

Being an International market leader in the industry, Fatrafol PVC membranes hold the highest level of performance and sustainability certification.

FATRA | Services

DESIGN | Consultation

Fatra provide design consultations to establish the most efficient and cost effective system for our clients projects

PROJECT | Specification

Fatra supply project-specific specifications via Fatra Australia's unique Specification Station Platform or through project-specific design seminars

CERTIFIED | Contractors

Fatra have trained, approved and certified contractors to install Fatra systems. This provides assurance to our clients the installation standard meets Fatra standards

PROJECT | Inspections

Fatra Field Service Technicians attend every Fatra project and carry out installation inspections to ensure the installation is fully complaint with all relevant standards

FATRA | Certification

ISO | 9001

Fatra is committed to quality management and attained ISO 9001 Certification (Quality management) in 1994, not only for the design and manufacture of membranes but also for the design and manufacture of raw PVC products.

ISO | 14001

In 2000, Fatra because one of the first PVC membrane manufacturers to obtain ISO 14001 Certification (Environmental management), again for the design and manufacture of both membranes and raw PVC.

BBA | Certification

BBA testing combines a number of tests including physical performance, weathertightness, durability and fire resistance to certify that the product is fit for purpose. BBA certifies the Fatrafol membranes have a life expectancy in excess of 30 years.

FLL | Root Resistance

FLL is a global test for root penetration resistance. Fatrafol membranes successfully passed the FLL testing and are deemed fully root resistant and are suitable for green roofs, planter box and sedum roof systems.


The BRE Environmental Profiles Scheme measures the environmental performance of materials and products over their entire lifecycle through their extraction, processing, construction, use and maintenance, and their eventual demolition and disposal. These assessments provide information on key issues of environmental sustainability such as climate change, acidification, consumption of minerals and water, emissions and pollutants to water and air.

Fatra have had a number of complete roof build-ups independently tested and assessed by the BRE achieving an ‘A+’ BREEAM rating. Fatra are also the first PVC membrane manufacturer to obtain a set of Ecopoint ratings from the BRE.

FM | Approvals

FM Approvals is an international leader in third-party testing and certification services. FM Approvals 4470 certify the Fatrafol membrane as a class A system, the highest in its category.

An FM Approved roof signifies a fully tested roof assembly, not simply a collection of independent products and components that may or may not perform as expected. FM Approvals test a vast array of performance criteria such as fire performance, heat and hail damage, wind uplift and much more

BRE | Fire Testing

BRE Global is a globally accredited testing laboratory which comprehensively tests, predicts and assesses the fire performance of products and materials to British, European, Marine and International fire-test standards.

Fatra have had a number of complete roof build-ups (substrate, vapour control layer, insulation, membrane and relevant ancillary products) tested to replicate an actual roof construction.

Fatra PVC membrane is a naturally fire resistant polymer, the Fatra membrane is flame retardant. All of our roofing membranes have achieved at least an AC* rating which equates to a European classification of BROOF (t4). Under BS 476, any build-up which achieves a rating of AC or above is classified as ‘unrestricted’ and can be used anywhere on the roof

FATRA | Clients